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innvovative flexible plastic and paper packaging. develops, manufactures and sells innvovative flexible plastic and paper packaging worlwide. offers a unique portfolio: More than 10,000 articles – from optimised, cost-effective solutions for major consumer packaging to individual special products for unusual requirements. Over 10,000 articles – from economically optimised solutions for major customers to individual, custom productions for unusual requirements. With its extraordinarily diverse range of products, is a leading European full-service supplier of flexible plastic and paper packaging. agriculture basic chemicals beverages body care products We regard meeting even the most unusual customer and market requirements – with creative, economic and recycling-friendly plastic and paper products – as a constant challenge. agriculture basic chemicals beverages body care products cleaning products construction detergents cleaning materials domestic animals needs dry filling products dry products fertilizer food food additives food industry garden products high purity products horticulture housing hygiene products instant products palleted goods pet care Pet Food petrochemicals pharmaceutical industry pharmaceutical products powder products powdery products washing products

manufactures its products using state-of-the art systems for mono/co-extrusion, gravure/flexographic printing, solvent-based/solvent-free lamination and coating and for extrusion lamination and coating. Modern films for automatic filling machines and FFS films, and highly-developed conversion technologies with product-specific facilities for sealed, welded and adhesive designs enable individual production according to customers' wishes and requirements.

Consumer packaging

Innovations are not static creations. Innovative products live from the continuous further development of their characteristics for new applications. This is what we at work towards on a daily basis. Our customers set the pace. A perfect example of our success in the consumer packaging segment is the U-Pack™ bag. This is characterised by a range of outstanding features, i.e. its specially integrated bottom, which ensures significantly higher stability. This is particularly beneficial to light products. Its side gussets additionally lend it above-average display capabilities. By no means least, the U-Pack™ can be printed all-round – including on the bottom. In view of its diverse possible usages, the U-Pack™ is suitable for all dry, pourable goods. This includes both dry feed market products , coffee specialities or cereals. Continuous further development of this innovative packaging constantly leads to new applications. For example, U-Pack™ sacks with a capacity of up to 25 kilograms are now also being produced at our Konzell plant. The re-sealing technologies we have developed have earned us a great deal of applause. Zippers and sliders ensure comfortable handling and protect the content even after the packaging has been opened.

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